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Welcome to The Hackers Voice!

The Hackers Voice is a community designed to bring back hacking and phreaking to the UK. Hacking is the exploration of Computer Science, Electronics, or anything that has been modified to perform a function that it wasn't originally designed to perform. Hacking IS NOT EVIL, despite what the mainstream media says. We do not break into people / corporations' computer systems and networks with the intent to steal information, software or intellectual property.

We are explorers. In the last decade we primarily focused ourselves on exploring the ever intriguing if not fascinating realm that is Computer and Network Security. Some of the greatest Programmers and Engineers of all time have been hackers. Another great hacker, Steve Wozniak, creator of Apple Computers. Steve created the Apple 1 from spare electronic parts from HP calculators! That my friends is a hack! Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux Operating System is a Hacker, he created Linux, one of the greatest pieces of software ever created. Linux is not evil, it is revolutionary. It makes up 80% of the worlds Web Servers, and is used by numerous massive corporations. If a hackers Operating System was evil, would Enterprising businesses use it? I think not.

Phone Phreaks are hackers of the phone system. Phreaking is where most hackers start with the curiosity of how the phone system works. Eventually we go around the system, poking it to see if there is any weaknesses or goodies to be discovered. Although in the commercialised capitalistic business world, exploiting the phone system might seem criminal, but the real crime is the monopoly that telcos have over the system, and the outrageous prices that they charge.

Information should be free. Information wants to be free. Information belongs to the world!

We are a collective of hackers from around the United Kingdom as well as from the rest of the world, who strive to bring back the 'scene' to what it once was. We hope you join us in this quest to bring the UK Hacking community together.

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