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Welcome to The Hackers Voice!

Our goal is to bring back Hacking and Phreaking to the UK and to fight for the Freedom of Information.

THV was founded in 2005 by Skoby, Belial and Planetlave. We used the succesful community template of DDP's Binary Revolution and we are trying it out in the UK. Of course the Internet has no borders, we wish the world would be the same, but unfortuantly we are not so free.

The Hackers Voice also puts out a Radio show called Hackers Voice Radio hosted by Belial and friends.

The Hackers Voice is growing every day in new ways, recently we have undertaken the HVTV project to put video content out there which has a UK bent. You can find the website at We are also looking to make a film - but that's under wraps for now ;)

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